Marvel Heroes Omega – Keyart 2017

It was an honor for me to work on keyart for Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4 and XBox title. It was less than a year work in here but Director assigned to me because I had experience in blend-shape work. Below was the initial pose that I took from the animator. There was iterations happen internal studio and Marvel during two months.

1/ I tweaked all the poses from in-game to exaggeration heroic poses base on correct muscles deforms and camera angle. I make sure all the poses are different and have rhythm and flow to composition. Add facial expression for each heroes because in game we only have open mouth and blink eyes.

2/ There were more than 32 light both global and local light in the scene. I made sure local light doesn’t dominance to global light. Scene was very heavy so I had to render individual each heroes and close up their faces then combine in Photoshop.

3/ I created background. which have cloud, ashes, smoke and some shots in game. I adjust  bright colorful base on Marvel feedback.

4/ I paint over rim light surround heroes which help blend to the background. I also did retouching photo such as sharp angle from polygons, penetration, hairs, faces which help the images cleaner.


I did try create desecration mood color which director really liked but Marvel direction was more saturation and bright color.

professional work