VFX Stylize Theme Park Bidding show 2013

I was asking keep in private site and Its been over 5 years. Those asset are still belong to Falcon’s treehouse. I just want to show to artists, recruiters who are in CG industry and game industry my skill set. Nothing more than that purpose.

Kaka Bidding project Theme Park

This is animation short film which will install to the 3D projector at theme park. However, we fail to win the show.

Role: Modeling, Texturing, create fur and setup basic Vray shader. This show I model main character (Kaka), Kaka’s enemy Monster, setup Vray for another character Parrot

Software: Maya, Shave& Haircut, Mari, Photoshop, Zbrush

 Property of Puppetar and Falcon’s Threehouse

01 Kaka modeling Kaka 03 Kaka monster modeling 04 Kaka monster texturing

10.09.2013 Falcon's Threeehouse Organic, professional work www.falconstreehouse.com/