Captain America Costume

Captain America Costume:

Captain America – All New All Different

Captain America – America Dream

Captain America – Modern Soldier (Gazillion Design) for Marvel 75th Anniversary

Captain America – The Captain Visual Update

Captain America – Arctic

Captain America – Marvel NOW Visual Update (default costume on Ps4 and XBox One)

This period is around July-August and studio only have Photoshop available. All the texture work are done in Photoshop only.

Captain America – Modern Soldier is a special case which Ii have more freedom to design and add details. The idea from Director was futuristic style but still feel ground which is feel existing in real work. So I take the basic concept and bring it to next level. I want quality similar to Call od Duty but the deadline is tight which is only two weeks. I put extra my personal time and weekend to the quality that I want. Below is the high-res model and close up.



Hard Surface, Organic, professional work